We are a collective of architects, designers and planners working together to develop thoughtful, refined structures that enhance quality of life. We value the transformative role of ideas and use great architecture to make a positive contribution to our greater environment.

We are working with around 30 specialists in Seoul, Cheoan and San Francisco. SPOA has grown to become an internationally renowned practice of architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture and art.

  • Always keeping an eye on the world, and an ear to the ground. We see ourselves as problem solvers. We see our work as an ongoing process- a collaboration. By using the, tools of our architectural practice and engaging in meaningful dialogue with our clients, we are able to produce work that can resonate across time.
  • Our practice has global presence, driven by local knowledge. With offices spanning from Seoul and Cheonan to San-Fransisco, we have provided architectural solutions in difference geographies to our clients around the globe.
  • The success of our designs is rooted in a unique organizational culture that guides our approach. We challenge the architecture, project management and real-estate disciples by constantly questioning existing practices and proposing new ways in which serve as serve as catalysts for positive urban and social change.


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